Want a Free Reading?

Right now, I'm offering Free Akashic Readings!

Why free? I'm currently becoming certified in Akashic Readings and need to do some free readings! Book an appointment at my Booking Calendar at https://bit.ly/TonyaRutterCalendar.

In addition, for a limited time I'm also doing One Sigil Card Readings and Three-Card Readings.

What is a Sigil reading or a Three-Card Reading?

A Sigil activates YOU into becoming the solution to the problem! This is much more powerful than a Tarot reading, which a Tarot reading reads the energy of a situation/circumstance, while a Sigil is the embodiment of the solution to the situation/circumstance.

A Three-Card Reading consists of me pulling one of each of three different types of cards - Sigil, Tarot, and Vortex. This is more in-depth and gives you the energy plus the solution!

You can order the Sigil or Three-Card Readings here: https://www.tonyarutter.com/shop

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