Online Summits Suck

You know they do.

They’re all over the place.

And it’s the same horrible formula over and over again.

They get 20 entrepreneurs together to mail each other's’ lists to build a big audience. Then put 20 crappy one-hour interviews on video. Feed them up to you the unsuspecting attendee as if you are going to really learn something.

And presto, something magical happens. You learn something!

Except it never does happen like this.

And you’re not really unsuspecting, are you?

You’ve seen this dance before. The music’s the same, even if the people are different.

And in the end, you end up watching only a few of those interviews, because, let’s face it, they’re just bad. The rest...never get seen.

But why do people - maybe even you - still sign up for these things?

If you know ahead of time it’s going to be garbage, why register?

One word: Hope.

Because we hope that one day, we’ll finally get the content those entrepreneurs have been promising.

None of this “I’ll give you one trick; you can pay me for the other 3,” garbage.

But this time actual, real business advice.

Because we all need it so badly.

Every entrepreneur needs help. We need training and guidance. We need motivation and accountability.

What we don’t need is another “rags to riches” story dressed up like business education.

Not when they spend 15 minutes talking about their favorite book or how they killed it with their lemonade stand as a kid.

Give me a break!

Just teach us the core business information we need.

Things like:

  • What should our cash flow plan look like if we’re trying to start and grow an information business?

  • How do you grow a consulting business when you’ve run out of time?

  • How do you make the transition from work to entrepreneur - and not go broke in the process or quit too early?

  • When should you write a book and what should its real purpose be?

  • How do you build an email list? (For real, none of this… start with $10k of ad spend garbage)

  • How do you sell to corporates?

  • How do you sell without coming across as salesy and creepy?

These aren’t learned in typical summits.

Part of the reason is not knowing which videos are right for you for your situation.

Part of the reason is not knowing which topic is right for you.

And, let’s face it, part of the reason is many “speakers” really don’t know what they’re talking about. Reading it in a book is not the same as living it.

And finally part of it is ensuring the speakers are aligned with your core values. If not, their approaches will not resonate with you, and they won’t work for you.

But imagine a summit model - full of great ideas in one place - no crap and added in only the really good parts.

My friends Julia Felton and Tom Matzen have done exactly that and we think it will be epic.

And they’ve invited me to share some of my wisdom as well, I’m honoured.

We’re boldly calling it not just a summit, but a Super Summit.

Presenting the Do Good and Make Money Super Summit!

The first big difference is that we have four separate Tracks or paths to follow. These are based on where you and your business or nonprofit is right now:

  • Starting Your Venture;

  • Your First $100,000;

  • Your first Million; or

  • Scaling to Eight Figures.

Second big difference, these speakers span eight different pillars of entrepreneurial life:

  • Day One: Power of Purpose

  • Day Two: Lead Generation

  • Day Three: Lead Conversion

  • Day Four Systems

  • Day Five: Money Mastery

  • Day Six: Leadership & Strategy

  • Day Seven: Abundant Life

  • Day Eight: Right People, Spectacular Results

Eight days, one topic each day. This means you can easily invest time on the days that matter most to you now.

And the third big difference is our street-tested speakers and panelists all align with our mission and belief that you can do good and make money at the same time. It’s not just about making money. And it's not just about doing good. Both at the same time!

I’ll be speaking about Money Mastery on Day 5, Friday February 5th at 12 pm EST. Be sure to join me.

Best part is: attending is absolutely free.

Sure, that’s a lot of content to absorb, so you’ll have an opportunity, if you want, to gain complimentary access to the recordings through referring others to join this awesome event. But even that’s where Julia and Tom have broken the model.

They have decided to dedicate 100% of the net proceeds of this Summit to two of their nonprofits, the Impact Igniters Foundation and the Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute.

You will have to register for the Do Good and Make Money Super Summit.

You can do that here. Do Good and Make Money Super Summit.

If you’ve been waiting for someone to finally stop pretending to educate entrepreneurs and really help, the time has come. Make sure you participate in this Super Summit. It runs live Feb 1-8 and you’ll get some amazing bonus content when you enroll now.

P.S. If you want more impact, influence and income get free access to some of the best 75+ speakers and panelists from multiple countries, join us. These amazing street-smart leaders share their wisdom and actionable ideas. Register here Do Good and Make Money Super Summit. I’ll see you there!

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