Becoming Limitless: What does that mean?

Updated: Jul 10

You might have heard that term before, 'Becoming Limitless,' and wondered...what does that even mean?

Becoming Limitless is about releasing limiting beliefs, which limiting beliefs are the 'I don't,' 'I can't,' 'I won't,' 'I'm not', and all those other negative 'I' statements, such as:

'I'm not good enough' or

'I don't belong,' or

'I can't do that,' or

'I won't finish'...

...and many more.

How many negative 'I' statements run through your mind every day?

Limiting beliefs can stop you from moving ahead in the direction you want to go. These limiting beliefs have specific Energy Frequencies.

Every problem you have is a Frequency Problem.

Think of a wave...there is the bottom of the wave and the crest of the wave. When there's a frequency problem, there's a split in the wave making it so you can't manifest what you desire.

When you correct the frequency, you repair the split which solves the problem.

How can you begin to correct the frequency?

Change Your Mindset.

Changing your mindset isn't just about changing your attitude about something but actually changing your beliefs. Mindset = Beliefs.

Beliefs are malleable and change constantly. The adage of 'You learn something new every day' means that every day, you change your beliefs. Either you do a 180 and completely change your beliefs, or your beliefs are confirmed and expanded upon which is still a change to your beliefs. What you believed when you were 5 is different from when you were 10 and 15 and 20 and now today.

Every change to your beliefs is a Transformation. Every transformation is a change in energy frequency. Every change in energy frequency gets stored in the DNA which then sends that frequency out into the Universe, which the Universe responds to by matching that frequency, which is Quantum Energy.

Watch the video and learn a tip on how to change your energy frequency!

Let me know how this video helped you!

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