Rise Up With The Moon Guide and Workbook

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Rise Up With The Moon Guide

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Rise Up With The Moon Workbook

Moon Gazing

If you really want to make 2019 a magical year and create a new blueprint for yourself, check out The New You Blueprint.

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Manifesting the life you desire doesn’t have to be hard; you just have to know how to do it. If you’ve tried countless techniques, meditations galore, and always strive to keep your thoughts positive yet the life you’re trying to create always seems to go up in flames, then it’s because there is a biological reason stopping you.


The reason why it can be hard to manifest the life you want isn’t because you’re not manifesting correctly, but because your biological makeup creates blocks so it’s extremely difficult to create the life you desire, or the life you desire begins to manifest but suddenly –poof!—it’s goes up in smoke and disappears. Those blocks are stories stored in your cells, so no matter how much you meditate, how positive your thoughts are, how loving you are to everyone, the life you wish to create seems so close yet so out of reach at the same time.


My program, The New You Blueprint, teaches you how to remove the stories that are binding you and keeping you prisoner to your current reality. You’ll definitely want to check out my program if you're ready to invest in yourself, determined to change your reality, and any of the below describe you:


• You’re always chasing after success but can never seem to reach it

• Money seems to flow through your fingers

• If you didn’t have bad luck, then you’d have no luck at all

• Significant people in your life don’t value you


I’m currently taking clients for The New You Blueprint to begin on January 22nd. I can only accept a limited number of clients. Since it's the holidays, I'm offering a major discount! Get registered now and lock in the discounted price, which the price goes up on January 5th! Since the program follows the moon cycles, you’ll want to get registered before January’s session fills up!