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"Thank you so much for your powerful work on me yesterday, Tonya. After our call I felt so peaceful and blissed out...You have a powerful powerful gift and I am so deeply grateful that you shared that with me. Thank you so much." -Shannon A., Lake Charles, LA

"I never have to go to therapy again!...This is really the ticket!...My lab results keep going in the normal range...My doctor is just going to have to keep being amazed!"  -Connie H.

As a successful businessman with 30+ years’ experience, a friend recommended that I have an initial consultation with Tonya to see whether she felt there might be opportunities to increase my effectiveness. She was very warm, open and sincere, but was quickly able to identify a number of channels that were blocked or needing to be cleansed and rebuilt. I had no idea about this but what she talked about made sense and I was willing to commit with an open mind. I’m really glad I did because within weeks a number of potentially life-changing results occurred, and at the end I now have the techniques that I can use at will that genuinely make a positive difference to both my business and family life. I cannot recommended speaking with Tonya highly enough. -David A., UK, CEO

"I have not stop humming since last night. I woke up with a back pain and I was told to humm it away. It works! Thank you so much!" -Carla S., Miami, FL

"Thanks so much for your gift!! I feel so energize and my Heart is opening even more , also my Solar Plexus is stronger!! Thank you Goddess!!!" -TavaMa I., Cyprus

"Thank you so much for sharing your recent webinar with me! The healing transformation helped me immensely. I was having very unusual digestive symptoms that traditional medical routes were unable to resolve. I fell asleep listening the first two times the energy was so strong. Each time the symptoms improved and by the last listen through they completely disappeared! Amazing! I appreciate you beyond words and am so very grateful for feeling 100% again!" -Tanja J., Seattle, WA