Make 2021 Your Year of Money!!

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Are you ready for money to flow to you with ease and grace?​

Do you struggle making, keeping, or having money? 

Are you ready to scale up and make more money?

Then it's time to Create a New Money Story! 

Money stories are energy contracts attached to money. Positive money stories allow money to flow to you with ease and grace. Negative money stories block the flow of money, making it much harder to come by. 

Creating a New Money Story changes your vibrational frequency in relation to money so it can flow to you rather than away.

If you feel you don't deserve the money or status you have, or can only make money with lots of hard work, or have a hard time keeping money, or are ready to scale up and make more money...then it's time to Create a New Money Story.

If you have a business and are having a hard time attracting clients...

If you provide a service but charge very low rates because you feel uncomfortable raising your prices...

If you don't have a problem making money but do have a hard time keeping it...

If money seems to flow right through your fingers as soon as you get it...

If you always seem to get screwed over by making the wrong financial decisions...

If you're getting screwed over by others taking financial advantage of you...

...then it's time to Create a New Money Story.

In the Create A New Money Story For 2021 Bootcamp, you will:

-Discover what money actually is (a lot of people are surprised by this!)

-Release the money story holding you back

-Clear out the energies of your old money story

-Create a new money story with a higher vibrational frequency so you can

Create Money With EASE!

-Activate your new money story

The Bootcamp will run February 22 - 26  from1-2 pm EST USA with Special Bonus Activation Sessions March 1-3 from 1-2 pm EST USA. As an attendee of the Do Good and Make Money Super Summit, you get special pricing of $222! That's 10% off the Early Bird Registration of $247! On February 20th, registration will be $447, again a 10% discount of $497! *To unlock a higher discount, book a coffee chat with me at my Booking Calendar.

This will be a FUN, transformational event! This Bootcamp is easily worth at least $10,000! Past participants have experienced increases in income, sales, and clients  soon after! 

The Bootcamp will be recorded if you're not able to attend live. 

Some wins past Bootcampers had include:

-Receiving a 1st order of 320 packages of Vegan Bread Mix within a week of Bootcamp!

-A new client booked, a money situation cleared up on it's own, and new referrals!

-Your win here!

Do you want 2021 to be your Year of Money? Register below!

Create A New Money Story Bootcamp
Dates: February 22-26 & March 1-3
Time: 1-2 pm EST USA
Early Bird Registration: $222

Early Bird Registration: $222

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