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Lion's Gateway 8/8 Portal 

The Lion's Gateway is fully open on 8/8! The Lion's Gateway is a time of increased cosmic energies flowing between the physical and spiritual realms with tremendous star power energy.


You're always creating your reality, but when the Gate is fully open on 8/8, things move quickly with more intense energy, thus bringing your creations to fruition faster.


The number 8 is the number of balance and equalization, infinity, and the DNA structure. The 8/8 Gate unlocks codes to empower you with the confidence to move forward with your ideas and implement plans, and opens the doorway to abundance and the flow of money and resources.  

On 8/8 I will be offering a Lion's Gate Ceremony where you will receive a chakra and energy body clearing, balancing of the chakras to receive the 8/8 energy, and then connection to the 8/8 portal so you can download the 8/8 codes from the star Sirius into the chakras, energy field, and DNA.

Embody the Spirit of Money

Price: $37

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