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Clear Limiting Beliefs, Trauma, Health and Relationship Issues 

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Coaching Programs

Soul Magic

A program that teaches you how to release trauma and triggers keeping you from emotional and physical health, so you can keep crushing it in your business. Book a call for a Complimentary Breakthrough Session to see what the problem is that's holding you back. 

Becoming Limitless

A 12-month program for Soul Magic alumni that teaches the Mastery of Becoming Limitless in all areas of their professional and personal lives. If you're a Soul Magic alumni and were invited into the Becoming Limitless Mastery Program, book a Mastery Program Invitation call today! 

VIP Private Coaching

VIP Private Coaching that focuses on your specific needs, whether it's for your emotional and physical health or creating and implementing an action plan for maintaining a positive work environment and retaining employees. Book a call for a Complimentary Breakthrough Session 

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Discover The Power Within You

Tonya is a Powerful Intuitive, Quantum Energy Master, and creator of Soul Magic and the Becoming Limitless System. Clients who work with her experience increased income and intuition, along with emotional and physical healing so they can maintain wealth without sacrificing emotional, physical, and/or relationship health.


In addition to activating coaches, entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders into Becoming Limitless, she also works with CEOs and executives on maintaining a positive work environment, retaining employees, and cutting healthcare and insurance costs.

When she's not focusing on clients' energetic needs, you can find this published author under the pen name Tonya Kerrigan writing the sequel to her dark urban fantasy, Blood Promise; curling up with a good book and a glass of wine; or sitting outside under a moonlit night.

"Thank you so much for your powerful work on me yesterday, Tonya. After our call I felt so peaceful and blissed out...You have a powerful powerful gift and I am so deeply grateful that you shared that with me. Thank you so much." Shannon A., Lake Charles, LA

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